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Bri is a self proclaimed drama queen and opinionated free spirit. A professional actress and singer, Bri works both in theatre and the commercial industry. Never one to hold her tongue, Bri is sharing her opinions from St. Paul, Minnesota.

A bit more from Bri...


My sun sign is a Taurus. Both my rising and my moon are in Leo.

I’d love to be a DJ - but since I ‘m not, I’ll make you a fire Spotify playlist.

I get a lot of my news from BuzzFeed - because most of the time I find the news to be depressing. So I counter shitty news with Game of Thrones trivia and quizzes like "What My Little Pony character are you based on your opinions about The Office.”

I know it’s problematic but I love Kanye West*.

I also love Beyonce but I don't feel like I have to defend that.

My instagram is cute. 

I really love poutine. 

I highly recommend the following podcasts: The Read, Pod Save America, Hey,girl! The NYT’s The Daily

*with that being said, I miss the old Kanye. The MAGA hat wearing Ye has got to go. 


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Emily Madigan is an opinionated dancer, choreographer, actor and singer. She is traveling the US doing important theatre work and “liking” all of Cardi B’s instagram posts while doing it. Okurrrrrrr.



Tre Searles is a truth teller keeping it real wether you want to hear it or not. An actor, choreographer, singer and dancer, Tre spends most of his time minding his business, AKA judging you as he walks down the street of NYC while listening to Keyshia Cole’s “The Way it Is” Album.