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Meet BRI


Bri is a self proclaimed drama queen and opinionated free spirit. A professional actress and singer, Bri works both in theatre and the commercial industry. Never one to hold her tongue, Bri is sharing her opinions from St. Paul, Minnesota.

A bit more from Bri...


My sun sign is a Taurus. Both my rising and my moon are in Leo.

I’d love to be a DJ - but since I ‘m not, I’ll make you a fire Spotify playlist.

I get a lot of my news from BuzzFeed - because most of the time I find the news to be depressing. So I counter shitty news with Game of Thrones trivia and quizzes like "What My Little Pony character are you based on your opinions about The Office.”

I know it’s problematic but I love Kanye West*. Yup, I immediately feel like I have to explain. I don’t have patience for MAGA hat wearing Ye. But I know, somewhere in there, the Ye that we know and fell in love with is still there.

I also love Beyonce but I don't feel like I have to defend that.

I’m a vegetarian.

I will recommend really good shows for you to watch on almost every steaming platform.

A note from Bri

I have started this blog/podcast about 80 different times. I get really excited about an idea and run with it for a while and then I slowly run out of steam. Then I get down on myself for not finishing what I started, slip in to a mild depression and then somehow get inspired all over again to do this blog. I am really not good at finishing. Even this note I’ve started and stopped a handful of times because I’m not exactly sure what I want to say.

I started this blog because I needed a place to vent my opinion that wasn’t Facebook. I wanted to have a place that people went to with purpose to read my very opinionated words. I’ve struggled in my activism to find patience and grace listening to others who have differing opinions than me. I can sit in a room all day listening to people who agree with me but it didn’t take me long to realize that in doing so I am not reaching anyone new. I am not changing any hearts - just providing extra cushion for my own.

I have restarted this blog with the purpose to provide a safe space to speak, ask questions, and most importantly, to create action to ignite change. I think it’s important for us to have conversations, specifically the ones that are hard to have. I think it’s important to ask questions and feel safe and free from judgement in asking them. You wouldn’t shame a kid asking a question because they truly didn’t know, right? Well it’s my belief that we need to give more grace and patience to the people around us in order to create more bridges. When we love everyone, we are all loved.